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Magic Swim Inflatable Pool

The Magic Swim Inflatable Pool designed by Naval Engineer Paolino Napolitano, provides a safe place to swim while out in the open sea-

Surely not Jaws-proof – this jammie is made from durable PVC, weighing about 66 pounds when empty and can be setup with the assistance of a standard air compressor in about 5 minutes. It allows the sea water to enter the pool through holes that are covered with grids once’s it’s deployed.

Lovey & Thurston Howell III probably invented this from their fluffy gold lined cloud in heaven… Poor Gilligan !


Elna* x Zion Skateboards

Street artist and graphic designer, Elnatan Gurvitz, aka, Elna*, has done everything from stickers for the Aurora Collective to zines, to Nike Dunks, to graffiti. What has he created lately? These fresh boards for Zion Skateboards.


Left to right: Blue: Old TLV (Tel Aviv), Brown: Old Days Ghetto, and Green: The Kibbutz

Zion Skateboards are a self-described home grown skateboarding company, fresh out of Israel. Their products are designed by local skaters and emerging urban artists. Their mission is to grown and support their local skating scene. Rock on.

Here’s some footage from Zion Skateboards’ 2009 Home Grown Tour

One of Elna*’s stickers on the streets of Barcelona, Spain

(source: Elna’s flickr, Earz Mag, Zion Skateboards)

Get-Up-Stand-Up Paddle Boot Camp !?!

We love SPORTS here at SampleSaleShop.

But, what we love more is when a NEW SPORT emerges and shows its’-crazy-self  in the form of a BOOT CAMP !!!


I can hear the Beach Boys "Wipe Out" in the heads of many paddlers !!!

Little facts about this water sport:

1. It is often referred to as SUP…not like “Sup homie, you got any more of that kush?”  SUP is the acronym for Stand Up Paddling-

2. http://www.StandUpPaddleSurf.com is serious about letting you know that they have been on this from the beginning- They have all the proper tools to get paddling…lessons too !

Wave Hunting...One Stroke at a Time-

You think Dyrdek's MEATY would do this?

A Paddlers perspective-

That's what's SUP !!!

Now if you’re a beginner, it’s definitely not recommended to try one of these BIG BOARDS where there are BIG WAVES. Try a place like a lake or a harbor where the water is nice and calm…so you don’t bust your ass.

Getting the full body workout-

The SUP Boot Camps are desinged to teach, but also to get you into shape…a new way to workout.

Check out this video SUP Workout:

For those wanting to get the full experience and knowledge…Hit up a SUP Boot Camp.

There are competitions in SUP all over coastal cities…Google to see if there are any in your area.

2008 Battle of the Paddle