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Maloof Money Cup NYC Recap with Video

The SampleSaleShop.com crew hit up the Maloof Money Cup skateboarding championships this past weekend in New York. It was dope – for skaters, by skaters. The event brought a 16,000 square-foot skate park to Flushing Meadows Park in Queens, NYC, and $100,000 to winner Chris Cole. How do you like them apples?

Check out Chris in this video of the finals:

Matt from ItsBongoBoy tweeted the photo below (Psst: We’re revamping our blog soon. Don’t be surprised if you see Matt contributing as a guest blogger). Btw, are you following us on Twitter @SampleSaleShop?


Winner Chris Cole told the New York Times, “There’s a lot of different options here for kids to find a lot of fun. It’s not your standard skate spot where it’s back and forth.”

Even Susan Sarandon and Lil’ Jon made it out to Queens for the Maloof Cup.YE-AAH!

maloofmoneycup-susan-liljon-samplesaleshop(pic: Gothamist)


Kick, Push, Fly: A Real Hoverboard for Lupe?

French artist Nils Guadagnin made a legit, real life hoverboard. Sick! Check out the video below.

Back To the Future II - Hoverboard

“McFly” is right.

According to Gizmodo, “The board floats through simple electromagnetism, but the more brilliant part of the design seems to be a laser stabilization system that, we’re assuming, dynamically adjusts the magnets to keep the board afloat under duress. Just watch Nils push on the board near the end of the clip. It responds with little more than a shrug.”

We wonder how much weight this thing can support at the moment, and how long it’ll be til we can try to be like Marty McFly.

Who do you think will be the first to own a working hoverboard –  Lupe Fiasco? or Pharrell? Click here to listen to Lupe’s “Kick, Push”.

Danny Montoya, Lupe Fiasco, and Rob Gonzales
Danny Montoya, Lupe Fiasco, Rob Gonzales

Pharell Williams


Maloof Money Cup: NY and CA

The third annual Maloof Money Cup takes place in two spots this summer: an East Coast MMC: June 5-6th in Flushing Meadows, Queens, NY and a West Coast MMC: August 4-8th at the Orange County Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa, CA.

The NYC roster includes: Cole, P Rod, Ryan Sheckler, Rowley, Dollin among 48 Top Pro Skaters competing for a $250,000 Prize Purse and Title of MMC NY Champ.

All about the Benjamins, baby: The Benjamin t-shirt, available in black and white, has been released to commemorate the MMC. It reads “Right on the Money” over Ben Ef’s face. Get yours at CCS.MaloofMoneyCup-Shirt

We spotted this MMC truck in Little Italy, NYC– We wonder if the MMC founders, brothers Joe and Gavin Maloof, were in town placing bets with the local wise guys. After all, their family owns the Sacramento Kings NBA franchise and the Palms Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Maloof Money Cup - Truck

Tinted windows = Gangsta

Maloof Money Cup - Truck closeup

DQM Lookbook: Shot in NYC by Suekwon


Check out New York brand DQM’s fresh take on lookbooks. The pics are exactly what they look like: the DQM staff and their friends engaging in their everyday activities. The shots were taken by NYC street photographer Suekwon.

Some of these shots were taken RIGHT in SampleSaleShop.com‘s backyard. Seriously. Can you recognize any of these spots (cough, the Manhattan Bridge, cough) in the LES / Chinatown / Brooklyn?

And, speaking of lookbooks, have you entered our street style contest yet? You can enter as many times as you want, so get goin’.

(source: Hypebeast)

Tokidoki X Sephora Makeup & Launch Event

Tokidoki x Sephora mascaraTokidoki recently launched their Dangerously Fun cosmetics line at Sephora in NYC. The launch party included cotton candy, a rock band,  female skateboarders and Tokidoki avatars.  According to Tokidoki creator Simone Legno, the collection is all about “experimenting,  mixing  elegance and fun”.

Here’s a peak at the collection, with pics from the event below.

Tokidoki makeup at Sephora

Tokidoki x Sephora

The Tokidoki x Sephora party: click to zoom in on the pics.

Tokidoki x SephoraTokidoki x Sephora

Skateboarders at the Tokidoki x Sephora party

(source: High Snobette)

Elna* x Nike Commercial & Custom Dunks

Remember those Elna* x Zion skateboards we posted?

People are loving Elna*’s work, so here are some Nike Dunks he customized.

The sneakers and commercial for Nike Israel (below the kicks) were part of his final project for Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. See, kids? Even world renowned street artists go to school – some of them, anyway. The music in the video is by DJ Markey Funk.

ELNA* x Nike Dunk SB W's Hi

ELNA* x Nike Dunk SB Low brown

ELNA* x Nike Dunk SB Low white

(source: Aurora Collective)

Elna* x Zion Skateboards

Street artist and graphic designer, Elnatan Gurvitz, aka, Elna*, has done everything from stickers for the Aurora Collective to zines, to Nike Dunks, to graffiti. What has he created lately? These fresh boards for Zion Skateboards.


Left to right: Blue: Old TLV (Tel Aviv), Brown: Old Days Ghetto, and Green: The Kibbutz

Zion Skateboards are a self-described home grown skateboarding company, fresh out of Israel. Their products are designed by local skaters and emerging urban artists. Their mission is to grown and support their local skating scene. Rock on.

Here’s some footage from Zion Skateboards’ 2009 Home Grown Tour

One of Elna*’s stickers on the streets of Barcelona, Spain

(source: Elna’s flickr, Earz Mag, Zion Skateboards)