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adidas Originals Video Interviews: Snoop Dogg, Jeremy Scott and Agyness Deyn

adidas Originals interviewed some of the tastemakers that participated in their The Street Where Originality Lives video campaign. In case you missed it, watch the original campaign, plus interviews with fellow shell-top lovers, Snoop Dogg, designer Jeremy Scott, and Agyness Deyn, below.

adidas Originals: The Street Where Originality Lives

Snoop D-O-double-G

Jeremy Scott and Agyness Deyn

Aggy first reached out to Jeremy Scott over Myspace. She asked if she could be in his fashion show, he said yes, she blew up, and now they’re buds. The rest is history…

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(sources: High Snobiety)


Boxing Kitten: Resort 2010 Preview Event

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!

On May 13th, Boxing Kitten will host a preview for their Resort 2010 collection at the Soho Rooftop in New York City. The collection was inspired by Josephine Baker. Here is a preview of two looks.

Boxing Kitten Resort 2010 Event Image

Josephine BakerJosephine Baker

Brand 411: Are you up on Boxing Kitten? Designed by Maya A. Lake, the line is all about empowering women with African-inspired prints and classic, 60’s silhouettes from the Civil Rights movement.

Boxing Kitten

Celebrity fans include Beyonce and Alicia Keys, who wore Boxing Kitten in their “Put It In A Love Song” video, filmed in Brazil.

Footage from Beyonce & Alicia Keys’ “Put It In A Love Song” shoot

(source: High Snobette, SheBreathes)

Louis Vuitton 2010 City Guide

It’s travel time…vacation in the making material.

LV wants you to travel around your city in style-

Now in its 11th year of publication the 2010 edition revisits the major capitals – Athens, Berlin, Istanbul, Moscow and Paris – and touches down for the first time in Basel, Deauville, Knokke-le-Zoute, Mykonos, Malaga and Tel Avivand of course SampleSaleShop.com hometown- New York !

Also for the first time, London, Rome and Los Angeles are included in the City Guides individual box set collection, updated every two years.

Leroy Jenkins X Quintin

Leroy Jenkins and Quintin have created this jammie:This 5-panel fitted has not been released yet…so stay tuned.

Upper Playground Presents: Zero Friends

Upper Playground hosted No Friends Event today in NYC-

Meetin’-n-Greetin’ with the public were artists Alex Pardee – Dave Correia – Tara McPhearson.




$100 Remix

The New $100 is approved and set for release February 2011-

Last week, the Treasury Department introduced its new $100 bill, a redesign intended to frustrate high-tech counterfeiters with its’ 3D security ribbon.

When Nas rhymed in one of his many classics, The World is Yours“I’M OUT FOR DEAD PRESIDENTS TO REPRESENT ME” who knew that those words would be remixed by his Ether rival JayZ…3 times !!!

The making of JayZ’s Dead Presidents Series with Ski Beatz

Jay & Ski Beatz break down the record:

Here’s the 3 versions Jay got on-

Part I :  

Part II : 

Part III : 

Supreme Book

Supreme has a chunky 306 page book to get you open…off of street culture, skating, T&A shots and of course pics of Harold Hunter aka Larry Clark of KIds.

Release Date:  April 27, 2010

Clean & Classic:FACTS:

This definitive monograph – with written contributions from contrasting arbiters of style, Aaron Bondaroff and Glenn O’Brien, and including an interview between founder James Jebbia and the artist KAWS – brings together the disparate elements of the brand’s output, from legendary advertising campaigns to especially commissioned skateboard designs, photographs, and artworks, and a comprehensive index of their products to date.

Including collaborations with Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Damien Hirst, Public Enemy, Lou Reed, and Futura 2000 among many others, this richly illustrated book is a survey of sixteen years of contemporary street fashion and culture reflected in the pioneering work of one of New York’s most influential independent labels.

About the Author

Aaron Bondaroff began his career working at the Supreme store, and has since created his own fashion and lifestyle brands, Off Bowery and aNYthing. He lives in New York.

Glenn O’Brien is a renowned journalist who has been both music critic and editor of Interview magazine, and writes a monthly style column for GQ magazine. He lives in New York.

KAWS is a New York-based artist who has blurred the boundaries between street art, design and high art in his collaborations with Supreme, Original Fake, and Comme des Garcons, and in his exhibitions at galleries worldwide.

James Jebbia founded Supreme in 1994. He lives in New York.