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Kick, Push, Fly: A Real Hoverboard for Lupe?

French artist Nils Guadagnin made a legit, real life hoverboard. Sick! Check out the video below.

Back To the Future II - Hoverboard

“McFly” is right.

According to Gizmodo, “The board floats through simple electromagnetism, but the more brilliant part of the design seems to be a laser stabilization system that, we’re assuming, dynamically adjusts the magnets to keep the board afloat under duress. Just watch Nils push on the board near the end of the clip. It responds with little more than a shrug.”

We wonder how much weight this thing can support at the moment, and how long it’ll be til we can try to be like Marty McFly.

Who do you think will be the first to own a working hoverboard –¬† Lupe Fiasco? or Pharrell? Click here to listen to Lupe’s “Kick, Push”.

Danny Montoya, Lupe Fiasco, and Rob Gonzales
Danny Montoya, Lupe Fiasco, Rob Gonzales

Pharell Williams



Chris Akrigg- HOT FIRE

Let the CHERRY POP !!!

Chris Akrigg goes Fixed Gear Riding for the 1st time on a Mongoose Maurice “fixed gear” Cachet Model and documents the experience-

Chris is the UK National Trials Champion.

We see him knockin’ the dust off that…ummm dirt floor !!!

Chamillionaire- RIDIN’ DIRTY

Hot Or Not? Pharrell does Monaco in BBC & Chanel

Remember Hot or Not dot com? Mixing prints is a big trend this spring. What do you think of Pharrell Williams’ outfit?

Skateboard P sported his own line, Billionaire Boys Club, at the 2010 Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix. He paired the Distressed Print Hickory jacket and Digi-Camo 3/4 Cargo shorts, from BBC‘s spring/summer 2010 collection, with his Chanel denim sunglasses and Ice Cream sneakers.

Pharrell williams 3

We wonder if Pharrell is looking to sponsor any F1 cars. As part of the LidRock program, he sponsored Bill Lester’s No. 22 Toyota in NASCAR’s Craftsman Truck Series a few years ago.

Hot? Not? Undecided?PharrellWilliams Monaco

(source: Upscale Hype)

Pharrell Does Denim: BBC Wolfman Jacket & Chanel Sunglasses

Pharrell Williams was recently spotted on the streets of London in almost head-to-toe denim. Mixing different washes of denim is a big trend this spring. What do you think of his picks?


Pharrell had on mostly his Billionaire Boys Club label:

  • a BBC knit hat
  • a dark denim asymmetrical BBC Wolfman Jacket with the Billionaire Boys Club Helmet Boy logo on the left chest and the Rocket Helmet Logo on the back.
  • BBC Helmet Boy washed denim jeans.

He even rocked denim on his shades, with a pair of Chanel Denim Sunglasses, with blue denim covered temples.

Pharrell-Williams-Billionaire Boys Club-Denim Wolfman-Jacket-Front

Pharell Williams-Chanel-Denim-Sunglasses

How do you pair denim with your jeans?

(source: Upscale Hype)