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Magic Swim Inflatable Pool

The Magic Swim Inflatable Pool designed by Naval Engineer Paolino Napolitano, provides a safe place to swim while out in the open sea-

Surely not Jaws-proof – this jammie is made from durable PVC, weighing about 66 pounds when empty and can be setup with the assistance of a standard air compressor in about 5 minutes. It allows the sea water to enter the pool through holes that are covered with grids once’s it’s deployed.

Lovey & Thurston Howell III probably invented this from their fluffy gold lined cloud in heaven… Poor Gilligan !


Oscar Spoofs a la Remi Gaillard

In honor of last night’s Academy Awards, here are some sweet videos from French MADMAN genius Remi Gaillard (we first posted Remi’s live-action Pac Man vid here).

These all spoof different award-winning movies:

Shark fights man, man fights shark, shark comes back. CLASSIC.

0:26 – Usain Bolt in the house?
0:55 – Work out on the beach
0:59 – Man beats meat (in the supermarket, get your mind outta the gutter!). Check how many drinks he steals.
2:50 – Man beats deli meat.

Saving Private Ryan
– Looks like he knows what’SUP (Stand-Up Paddling)
– They updated the soundtrack.
0:25 – Why is NOONE alarmed at his huge gun??? People look at him, like, “WTF is he doing?,” but no one looks worried about the heat he’s packin’… is our world THAT desensitized? Oh, wait…  they probably think he is going to kill “Jaws”. That’s cool, then …
2:25 – Reaches the golf course. This dude ALWAYS ends up on a golf course, pissing somebody off.
3:30 –
His sign says “Normandie” (French for “Normandy”), and since he stormed the beach solo, he must be playing Private Ryan, not Tom Hanks, right?

Maybe Remi will win Best Live Action Short some day.

Which clip was your favorite?

Remi’s motto: “C’est en faisant n’importe quoi, qu’on devient n’importe qui”

Translation: “Stupid is as stupid does.” – Forrest Gump – Coincidence ?!


Run, Forrest! Allez!!!

Run, Forrest! As they say in French "Allez !!!"