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Interview | “Please Enjoy” SEEN’s Catalog

The “godfather of graffiti”, Bronx, NY’s SEEN has released the catalog, “Please Enjoy“, to go with his current exhibition in Paris. SampleSaleShop.com had a Q & A session with Clémence from Magda Gallery, who are hosting the show.

Here’s the 411:

  • SEEN has been living in Paris since 2007, but visits his native New York often.
  • His Please Enjoy exhibition will be at the Magda Danysz Gallery – 78, rue Amelot – Paris, France – through June 26th
  • This is SEEN ‘s first show in 3 years.
  • Seen photographs all the places he’s worked – including New York, his Paris studio, and tags.
  • Please Enjoy is called a “catalog” because it shows SEEN‘s story, shows and his archive of work, ranging from photographs from the 1970’s to his current artwork – including old trains, tattoos, and pieces in the exhibition.


Please Enjoy is limited edition: 500 copies worldwide! Hard cover, 96 pages. You can buy it online through Magda Gallery.

The limited edition Plexiglass tag is already sold out, but you can get request to get on the wait list.


DQM Lookbook: Shot in NYC by Suekwon


Check out New York brand DQM’s fresh take on lookbooks. The pics are exactly what they look like: the DQM staff and their friends engaging in their everyday activities. The shots were taken by NYC street photographer Suekwon.

Some of these shots were taken RIGHT in SampleSaleShop.com‘s backyard. Seriously. Can you recognize any of these spots (cough, the Manhattan Bridge, cough) in the LES / Chinatown / Brooklyn?

And, speaking of lookbooks, have you entered our street style contest yet? You can enter as many times as you want, so get goin’.

(source: Hypebeast)

Tag Your Food With Edible Esslack Food Spray

Ever wanted to tag a tomato? Now you can!

Edible  spray paint by Esslack - pimp your tomato!

Yesterday, we told you about Wode, Boudicca’s disappearing body graffiti perfume (a product you can spray it on your skin, but is NOT ok to eat – one of the ingredients is hemlock, which supposedly killed Socrates, and a bunch of other characters from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure).

If you want a cool spray you can EAT, dig this:
Food Spray by The Deli Garage (Germany)

Edible spray paint by Esslack - in gold and silver

Available in gold (and silver), this thing will give you the Midas touch. You can bling out your fave foods, turn silver medals into gold, put your tag on a sandwich, pimp your ride, and ride the recession out like a baller – in the cafeteria, at least.

We wonder what French graffiti artist Fafi would spray on her food.


(source: The Urban Grocer)

Street Art For Your Skin – Body Graffiti by Boudicca

Wode by Boudicca – it looks like your average spray can-inspired perfume bottle, right?


Shake ‘n’ go! When you spray on Boudicca’s Wode Paint perfume, it comes out blue. It’s like graffiti for your skin. The scent stays on, while the blue fades away after a few minutes. The more spray you put on at once, the longer the blue stays. That could be a warning, or a bonus, depending on where you’re going when you spray it. If the blue Paint is too much for you, you can also buy the plain Scent.

The perfume also reveals hidden messages when you spray it on special garments made by Boudicca. Invisible ink, too? Sweet.

Wode by Boudicca's disappearing graffiti perfume campaign

You can wear, but you can’t drink: The perfume was inspired by the myth of Queen Boudicca, who wore blue tribal paint when going into battle, and swallowed hemlock (an ingredient in the perfume) to kill herself after being defeated by the Romans.

Boudicca Wode graffiti

(sources: Bit Rebels, Boudicca Wode)

Zara x Keith Haring

Check out Zara‘s recent collection featuring artwork by artist, activist, and 80’s NYC icon,  Keith Haring. The collection is made up of t-shirts and hoodies with Haring’s chalk-outline looking designs. These are available at Zara locations worldwide.

Zara x Keith Haring set

Zara x Keith Haring 1 - Statue of Liberty shirt

Zara x Keith Haring 2

Zara x Keith Haring 3

Zara x Keith Haring 4

This mural was painted in 2008, on the corner of Houston Street and The Bowery on the Lower East Side (aka, right in our hood!), as a tribute to Keith Haring, who passed away in 1990. He was inspired by street art and graffiti.

Keith Haring tribute mural in NY's Lower East SideCRACK really IS WACK !

(source: Culture Shoq, Wikipedia)