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Pop Up Shop | San Francisco | Guns and Shades Vintage Eyewear

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Feelin’ shady? Or perhaps not shady enough? If so, head over to the Guns and Shades pop up shop in San Fran to pick up some vintage sunglasses (read: no one else is gonna have a pair quite like yours). The temporary boutique will feature retro frames from Mayfourteenth, a freshly-launched eyewear brand from famed photographer Benjamin Belsky, and will feature an assortment of dead stock vintage frames that include a rare pair of Cazal shades (remember those ones that your fave hip hop stars rocked in the 80s?) priced at $1,200.

Guns and Shades Pop-Up Shop

When: Open daily from 12-8 p.m. through July 14, 2010

Where: 252 Fillmore St., SF.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to cop a pair reminiscent of the iconic 80s photography of SampleSaleShop.com‘s good friend and neighbor Janette Beckman:

Left: Shaheem, Grandmaster DST and the Godfather KC Right: Afrika Bambaata, London 1982

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Super Shades by SUPER !

SUPER by RETROSUPERFUTURE®, ignited the phenomenon of acetate sunglasses-

This Italian brand hit the streets in 2007, a concept from the folks at Pig Magazine using German Zeiss lenses.

Here is a look at their new offerings:Furure’s so Bright…Gotta Wear Shades-

Timbuk 3 Video:

Va$htie Kola in Supreme M-51 Leopard Jacket & Interview

Check out director and NYC taste maker, Va$htie Kola. She dropped by our office a few months ago, and is cool peoples. She’s been rocking her Supreme M-51 Leopard Camo jacket around town.

Vashtie1 Supreme M-51 Jacket

Supreme M-51 Leopard Camo Jacket

Vashtie3 Supreme M51 Leopard Camo Jacket

Close-up on the shades: Ray-Ban Wayfarers in Large

vashtie2-Ray-Ban Wayfarer Large sunglassesVashtie 4 - Va$htie and Ant Demby in a Members Only jacketVa$htie in her Supreme, again, with Ant Demby of dembycratic, in a vintage Members Only leather jacket

In this interview with Cash & Caviar, Va$htie talks about being a female director, her tomboy style, her collaboration on Theopillus London‘s mixtape, style icons (Denise & Claire Huxtable, Lady Miss Kier of Deee-lite, Frida Kahlo, Mary-Kate Olsen…) and more.

(source: Upscale Hype)

Mykita’s YURI Sunglasses – Eye Couture from SPACE

The YURI. Handmade in Berlin, THESE are what happens when German “eyewear coutouriers” Mykita collaborate with French designer Romain Kremer. These sunglasses were inspired by Yuri Gagarin, the first man in outer space, “‘made to protect the 3rd eye and the brain, reinforcing the idea of a new type of man, with a sci-fi warrior touch.” These come in black or red, for a hot 575 Euros, available for Fall/Winter.

Lady Gaga has already been spotted rocking the Robocop meets Kid Robot-looking shades:

Lady Gaga in Mykita's Yuri sunglasses

ROBO Gaga sports the YURIs and some Star Trek getup

If you want shades that only cover your EYES, how about Mykita’s collab w/Herr von Eden? The collection is called EDENEYES, and is “available” in black, white, red, and grey – but there were only 80 pairs made! The figure 8 shape represents the mathematical symbol of infinity, as in timeless design.

Surpise! Gaga is also a fan of these.

Edeneyes Gaga

To infinity, and beyond!