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World Cup Wednesdays | T-Shirts Transform You Into Your Favorite Player


Wanna show your support for your favorite World Cup soccer players without the mess of having to paint your face? Check out these WTF? (in a good way) t-shirts by Bas van de Poel and Daan van Dam. They let you transform your face into the face of select Dutch national team members, just by flipping it inside out and onto your head. Course, this’ll attract a different kind of attention for spectators when the wearers are female…

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Totes Awesome: Poketo’s Recycled Suit Tote Bags

Ladies, before you go cutting up your boyfriend blazers, check out Poketo’s Recycled Suit Totes – one-of-a-kind bags made from men’s suits.

Poketo Recycled Suit Totes

The bags are handmade by Eco Party Mearry, a South Korean design nonprofit. Even the leather on the straps is recycled – it’s taken from old couches. These eco-friendly totes are totes awesome.

Poketo Recycled Suit TotesPoketo Recycled Suit Totes

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