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Lost: The Complete Collection Blu-Ray Box Set

Whaaahhhahaha … All Mysteries will be Revealed or Released on a DVD Box-Set –

“Get the popcorn ready Freckles.” – Sawyer !!!

Lost: The Complete Collection Blu-Ray Box-Set will have you feeling like you lost some duckets from your pocket- $195; Pre-orders will go on sale August 24th, 2010!

The Dharma … I mean DVD Initiative, will include 38 disks and have a run time of 5,074 minutes.
–  Confirmed bonus features for Season Six include the following:
–  Original scripted content by Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse
–  Bloopers and deleted scenes
–  Lost on Location
–  Crafting a Final Season
–  Audio commentaries and more…