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Shepard Fairey Creates Target for Vandals | NYC

Shepard Fairey…the guy that captured the visual campaign of Obama and former “vandal” of other peoples property, by taggeing the shit out of it, is now out in daylight…still tagging.

The corner of Bowery & Houston in NYC on a wall that used to showcase Keith Haring’s original 1984 Day-Glo mural is now the home for what is said to be a promo for his upcoming show May Day at NYC’s Deitch Projects …but it sure looks like an OBEY ad to a few bystanders.

In this shot of Fairey…he was lining up his stencil when a guy walked past us and yelled, “Nice ad for a clothing company Shep.”

Hours before the completion of the mural and I took a few pics:

I also caught up with artist Alex Gardega who traded a piece of his work with Fairey for this autographed jammie:

Coming Soon: Pop-Up Shop for OBEY

April 30-May 16
151 Orchard Street
New York, New York 10002


Zara x Keith Haring

Check out Zara‘s recent collection featuring artwork by artist, activist, and 80’s NYC icon,¬† Keith Haring. The collection is made up of t-shirts and hoodies with Haring’s chalk-outline looking designs. These are available at Zara locations worldwide.

Zara x Keith Haring set

Zara x Keith Haring 1 - Statue of Liberty shirt

Zara x Keith Haring 2

Zara x Keith Haring 3

Zara x Keith Haring 4

This mural was painted in 2008, on the corner of Houston Street and The Bowery on the Lower East Side (aka, right in our hood!), as a tribute to Keith Haring, who passed away in 1990. He was inspired by street art and graffiti.

Keith Haring tribute mural in NY's Lower East SideCRACK really IS WACK !

(source: Culture Shoq, Wikipedia)