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Triumvir x Capcom Super Street Fighter X Collection

Triumvir Super Street Fighter X CollectionTriumvir has once again joined forces with Capcom to release some Street Fighter gear. This time, it’s the Super Street Fighter X collection, made up of t-shirts featuring characters from the classic video game.

RyuTriumvir Super Street Fighter X Collection - Ryu

Triumvir Super Street Fighter X Collection - Chun-Li

Triumvir Super Street Fighter X Collection - Guile

Pre-orders for the collection start tomorrow (April 28th) at 12:00PM PST, and the first 100 people to spend over $50 on Triumvir’s Street Fighter merchandise will receive a limited Shadaloo Boxing Glove keychain.

Marvel vs. Capcom

Remember Marvel vs. Capcom? Why should you have to pick just one? Will you be pairing these with one of the New Era Death Crest caps we posted a few days ago?

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Zara x Keith Haring

Check out Zara‘s recent collection featuring artwork by artist, activist, and 80’s NYC icon,  Keith Haring. The collection is made up of t-shirts and hoodies with Haring’s chalk-outline looking designs. These are available at Zara locations worldwide.

Zara x Keith Haring set

Zara x Keith Haring 1 - Statue of Liberty shirt

Zara x Keith Haring 2

Zara x Keith Haring 3

Zara x Keith Haring 4

This mural was painted in 2008, on the corner of Houston Street and The Bowery on the Lower East Side (aka, right in our hood!), as a tribute to Keith Haring, who passed away in 1990. He was inspired by street art and graffiti.

Keith Haring tribute mural in NY's Lower East SideCRACK really IS WACK !

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Motel – A Trip To The 80’s

This season’s Motel collection is presented to you in ‘technicolor’! Digging the heavy 80’s / late 70’s vibe from their lookbook. The large, urban floral prints are more grown up than girly, and the contrasting stripes are just right.

(source: nitrolicious)