Sex & The City 2: Dropping Bombs?

At, we are all about the hottest in fashion, offering free membership, giveaways, and hosting Pop-Shops (virtual sample sales), where you can get in on our inside connects, save on your faves, and not die trying. That makes the following question stand out to us.

Why did Sex & The City 2 tank?


One opinion is that they stopped speaking to their demographic:

1) They took the chicks out of THE CITY, and moved the film to Abu Dhabi, home of the gold spitting ATM.

2) Dropping “next month’s rent” on a pair of shoes, or a year’s worth of student loans on a bag is no longer considered sexy. “There are reports that the clothing budget for the four main gals rain in excess of $10 million.” Ouch.


On the show, Carrie Bradshaw was known for spending way over her budget on clothes and Manolos, but in today’s economy, even die-hard fashionistas have become, yup, recessionistas, knowing when Splurge and save.

What do you think?
Did ya see the movie, or were you watching a bootleg of Shrek in your AC?
Give us your 2 cents.



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