Rock The Bells 2010’s *EPIC* Lineup

Yesterday, we read a rumor that Lauryn Hill would be performing The Miseduction of Lauryn Hill – in its entirety(!!!), Roger Waters/Pink Floyd style – and that A Tribe Called Quest would also be playing a full album. Unfortunately, neither is on the bill. But LUCKILY, check out the dope acts that are, below.

Performing full classic albums:

  • Wu-Tang ClanEnter The 36 Chambers (they never performed the whole thing live before, and Rza‘s son may be filling in for ODB. EPIC)
  • Rakim Paid In Full
  • KRS-OneCriminal Minded
  • Slick RickThe Great Adventures Of

Also scheduled are Murs & 9th Wonder, Clipse, Immortal Technique (from‘s hometown, NYC), and Street Sweeper Social Club (Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine‘s new band), and many more. There will be b-boy and b-girl performances, and possibly a tribute to the late Guru. Click on the image to zoom in on the full lineup.

Rock the Bells 2010 lineup

We hope one of those “surprise performances” ends up being Lauryn Hill, after all. Come on!

URB Lauryn Hill

(sources: URB, Rock The Bells)


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