Maloof Money Cup: NY and CA

The third annual Maloof Money Cup takes place in two spots this summer: an East Coast MMC: June 5-6th in Flushing Meadows, Queens, NY and a West Coast MMC: August 4-8th at the Orange County Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa, CA.

The NYC roster includes: Cole, P Rod, Ryan Sheckler, Rowley, Dollin among 48 Top Pro Skaters competing for a $250,000 Prize Purse and Title of MMC NY Champ.

All about the Benjamins, baby: The Benjamin t-shirt, available in black and white, has been released to commemorate the MMC. It reads “Right on the Money” over Ben Ef’s face. Get yours at CCS.MaloofMoneyCup-Shirt

We spotted this MMC truck in Little Italy, NYC– We wonder if the MMC founders, brothers Joe and Gavin Maloof, were in town placing bets with the local wise guys. After all, their family owns the Sacramento Kings NBA franchise and the Palms Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Maloof Money Cup - Truck

Tinted windows = Gangsta

Maloof Money Cup - Truck closeup


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