Hollywood’s New It-Bag: Presenting… The Schitbag

Ah, the glorious it-bag. Balenciaga‘s Motorcycle bag, Marc Jacobs’ Stam bag, the ever present Birkin by Hermes. And now there’s the Schitbag.


We shit you not: The Schitbag, similar to a hairstylist’s bag, is basically a fanny pack with a shoulder strap. How did they come up with this name? Did someone see it and go, “Oh em gee! I can put, like, ALL my shit in it!” ? Although cute and functional, it’s not that big. They could have just called it “The Rachel” or something.


Schitbag’s website claims it’s the new Hollywood craze, and “because it leaves the hands and shoulders free, it’s  more than an accessory—it’s a natural asset.” ASSet … Really? They are apparently (not making this up) produced by “LeSchitte Designs“.

If you see people rocking the Schitbag, send the pics our way – celebs and normal people.

Would YOU put your shit in this bag? Come on, names aside, don’t shit on it.

(source: The Cut)


4 responses to “Hollywood’s New It-Bag: Presenting… The Schitbag

  1. nice color but nothing special.

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  3. This bag is really good looking, stylish, and so comfortable to carry, no hands! Good for you.

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