Ato: S/S 2010 Collection, 2Way Jacket, and Kanye’s Matsumoto Boots

Instead of going for straight up masculine for the guys and feminine for the girls, Japanese clothing line Ato aims for “creating a silhouette that awakens the character of the body”. What do you think?

Ato’s spring/summer 2010 runway showAto Matsumoto S/S 2010

Ato’s 2WAY Swallowtail denim jacket

Ato's 2way swallowtail denim jacketKanye West in a pair of Ato’s Matsumoto cowhide studded boots
Kanye West in Ato Matsumoto studded bootsPsst: Kanye‘s also rocking the Robot Face Goyard backpack he designed.

A closer look at the Ato’s Matsumoto boots

Ato's Matsumoto cowhide studded boot(sources: Upscale Hype, Ato)


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