AliveShoes: Eco-Friendly Art & Kicks

Earth Day is all about recycling and sustainability. Italian sneaker company, AliveShoes, does both!


Recycling: Do you ever recycle vintage clothes into art, or something new? They do the opposite. They make brand new kicks, send them to artists to be included in installations, then take the work apart and sell the shoes when the artist is done with them.

Pied a Terre, in Montelago, Italy, by Argentinean designer Sebastiano Mauri, made from 227 pairs of AliveShoes

Beach Blocks by New York artist Steven Siegel, made with 416 pairs of AliveShoes

Sustainability: AliveShoes are made from natural or organic cotton, leather, cork, and biodegradable thermoplastic polyurethane. AND, they are all handmade in Italy.AliveShoesEach sneaker has an id number and a copy of the artist’s original sketch stitched into the tongue.

Special Earth Day shoutout to our friends at Inhabitat, who are celebrating their 5 year anniversary!!!

(source: Inhabitat/Ecouterre)


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