BFF Style: Rihanna & Katy Perry

Rihanna recently spilled to Ryan Seacrest that she is planning her BFF, Katy Perry’s, bachelorette party. Miss Kitty Purry is engaged to British comedian Russell Brand, the lovers met last September at the MTV’s VMA’s – you know, the ones with Kanyegate.

These two besties are known for rockin’ fashion and sometimes out rockin’ each other…  Check out Rihanna in Betsey Johnson

Rihanna in Betsey Johnson Skull Thermo Jumpsuit

Betsey Johnson’s Skull Thermo Jumpsuit- the perfect mix of comfy-casual and rocker glam, with hoodie and grommet snaps up the front.

AND here’s her girl Katy, in a Risto Bimbiloski Lightning Bolt Dress:

Katy Perry Lightning Bolt Dress by Risto Bimbiloski

Katy Perry was looking electric and ecclectic in this lightning caftan from Risto Bimbiloski‘s Spring/Summer 2010 collection. The designer is known for his nature-inspired clothes, and this lightning storm print was inspired by a volcanic eruption he saw in Chile. Katy is also rocking a pair of Super Frank 2 sunglasses. Her pal, Riri, is also a fan of their shades.

(source: MTV.comUpscale Hype)


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