Tag Your Food With Edible Esslack Food Spray

Ever wanted to tag a tomato? Now you can!

Edible  spray paint by Esslack - pimp your tomato!

Yesterday, we told you about Wode, Boudicca’s disappearing body graffiti perfume (a product you can spray it on your skin, but is NOT ok to eat – one of the ingredients is hemlock, which supposedly killed Socrates, and a bunch of other characters from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure).

If you want a cool spray you can EAT, dig this:
Food Spray by The Deli Garage (Germany)

Edible spray paint by Esslack - in gold and silver

Available in gold (and silver), this thing will give you the Midas touch. You can bling out your fave foods, turn silver medals into gold, put your tag on a sandwich, pimp your ride, and ride the recession out like a baller – in the cafeteria, at least.

We wonder what French graffiti artist Fafi would spray on her food.


(source: The Urban Grocer)


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