Street Art For Your Skin – Body Graffiti by Boudicca

Wode by Boudicca – it looks like your average spray can-inspired perfume bottle, right?


Shake ‘n’ go! When you spray on Boudicca’s Wode Paint perfume, it comes out blue. It’s like graffiti for your skin. The scent stays on, while the blue fades away after a few minutes. The more spray you put on at once, the longer the blue stays. That could be a warning, or a bonus, depending on where you’re going when you spray it. If the blue Paint is too much for you, you can also buy the plain Scent.

The perfume also reveals hidden messages when you spray it on special garments made by Boudicca. Invisible ink, too? Sweet.

Wode by Boudicca's disappearing graffiti perfume campaign

You can wear, but you can’t drink: The perfume was inspired by the myth of Queen Boudicca, who wore blue tribal paint when going into battle, and swallowed hemlock (an ingredient in the perfume) to kill herself after being defeated by the Romans.

Boudicca Wode graffiti

(sources: Bit Rebels, Boudicca Wode)


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