Splurge On ‘Em? Phillippe Roucou Polaroid Scarves

Polaroid is pretty hot right now, with Urban Outfitters and Lady Gaga touting the instant film. For our part, we’re fans of French designer Philippe Roucou‘s Polaroid scarves. A collaboration between Roucou and artist M. Cherie, the line is called Objets Trouves (Found Objects). The 100-percent silk squares are printed with found photographic images and surrounded by that instantly recognizable white border.

We love scarves for covering up bad hair days or adding some interest to a plain outfit, but they can go grandma really quickly. These take an interesting, artsy perspective on the medium, with photos of a city skyline, an unmade bed, or pretty plants. Unfortunately, at around $435, they aren’t really any less expensive than Hermès.

Would you Splurge On ‘Em?!

Polaroid Scarf by Philippe RoucouPolaroid Scarf by Philippe Roucou Polaroid Scarves by Phillippe Roucou

(sources: Unplggd, Reborn, Philippe Roucou)


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