Copper Cap by Ferguson Sculpture

How can you cop this copper cap from Colorado? Now say that five times fast?

The copper baseball cap is a full-on metal sculpture. The artist, Richard Ferguson, was cool enough to do a Q & A session with us over the phone.

Note: Ferguson Sculpture is based in Colorado. is based in New York City. Nothin’ but love!

  • The artist made the hat for fun, to challenge himself.
  • It took about a month to make, while balancing other projects.
  • He said he wears it to alot of art events and he’s never had a conversation piece as good as it. The cool cap gets attention.
  • The cap was purposely made without any team logo, but his favorite teams are the Colorado Rockies and University of Colorado Buffalos.
  • Aside from copper caps, one of his big commissions was a stainless steel Firebird for Falcon Middle School near Colorado Springs, CO. Dig the 6 foot(!!!) wingspan below. EPIC

Richard-Ferguson-Firebird-SculptureHe didn’t tell me the price for the bird…but he said the copper cap costs $600-

If you want to get your own cap – with or without a logo – he’d be more than happy to make you one. To order, call Richard Ferguson at (303) 499-2871. Give him your head measurement, and tell him sent you 😉


2 responses to “Copper Cap by Ferguson Sculpture

  1. wow, this is awesome

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