Double Bag ‘Em! Chanel’s Spring Handbags

These are some of Chanel‘s spring/summer 2010 handbags that stood out to us. In our opinion, they range from “would love to cop“, to “kinda feelin’ it” to “I’m sorry, what?“.

What do you think? Would you double bag these?

Chanel classic flap in red, white, & blueOur props to Karl for expanding on the Classic Flap style. Will this one make it to the 4th of July bbq?

Chanel knit bag - DIY styleThis looks like a fun DIY to try one day.

Chanel quilted straw bagOK, tweed, quilting, … straw?

Chanel-straw-rope-bagThis one looks itchy.

Again, way to go OUTSIDE of the box. Some of these are seriously not your average “straw bag”. Can you see Chanel fans Kirsten Dunst or Alexa Chung rocking any of these? Which do you think will get bootlegged first?

What’s your favorite?

(source: Purse Blog)


One response to “Double Bag ‘Em! Chanel’s Spring Handbags

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