Lady Gaga’s Weekend Look and Glee Episode

Lady Gaga has been quoted as saying she feels celebrities should wear their stage clothes whenever they go out, always be dressed in character, the way their fans like to see them. It’s all part of the fantasy.

She told OK! Magazine “she doesn’t have ‘dress down’ days. She said: ‘This is really who I am all the time. When I get out of a car and there are 30 fans waiting for me, I know I’m dressed the way I should be. There’s a reason they have that emotional reaction.’”

True, she has gone out in broad daylight a bunch of times in her hair bow and leotard, but she doesn’t stay entirely true to this idea ALL of the time.

Peep her casual, dressed-down weekend gear. Think she should hold her tongue, or step onto the street in streetwear more often?

This leather vest is still doper than just “average”, even if she is wearing pants.

Hey, Gaga x Glee fans, the show will have a Lady Gaga-themed episode this season!!!

According to Entertainment Weekly, “Lea Michele will do a stripped down version of Poker Face and the cast will unite for Bad Romance.”

“I do know that we’re all different Lady Gagas, and at one point I am the Kermit the Frog Lady Gaga,” Lea told EW.

Do you prefer Gaga wearing a coat made of Kermit or in her weekend jammies?

What is YOUR weekend swag like?

(source: Amy Grindhouse, Yahoo! News, OK! Magazine)


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