ItsBongoBoy Interviews Johnny Cupcakes

Check out this video of Matt from ItsBongoBoy interviewing Johnny Cupcakes, who was in NYC last week to speak at New York University.

The entrepreneur talks about starting his company, and starting your own business. He reacts to his growing following, and also talks about being copied by larger brands.

Johnny Cupcakes has collaborated with Looney Tunes and The Hundreds, among others. He started out as a guy in a hard-core band, selling his t-shirts on tour. Now, he’s doing a Suitcase Tour, driving around the US in a van, and selling t-shirts out of actual suitcases. His first stop is April 2nd in SoHo, NYC.

Watch out for him this Friday at 8pm on Howard Street!

(source: ItsBongoBoy on Culture Shoq)


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