Clogs – Are They a Fashion DO or a Fashion DON’T ?

If you thought the clog trend died in the mid-90’s, think again. Clogs have been on the up and up for this spring, and a lot of people don’t know what to think. Are they a fashion DO or DON’T? … We’ll let you decide for yourselves.

Today, we stumbled upon this pair of clogs from Free People. Actually, we’re kinda feelin’ these. They’ve got a real cyber softness to them, a Mega-Man-meets-Dutch-country-side kinda vibe.

The good people at The Cut say, “If we wanted to look like we had hooves made of flowers, we’d have been My Little Pony instead of people who have to be seen in public.” We LOL-ed a little.

Others have jumped right on board for these wooden, um, wonders. says, “If it’s good enough for Karl, bring it on.” Here are some more familiar looking, laid back pairs from the Chanel’s spring collection.

Classic, clunky, or couture? Are they a DO or a DON’T? You decide!

(sources: The Cut,


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