Anderson Cooper- Help your momma blow out them candles !!!

Andy Coop’s mom- Gloria Vanderbilt was born in NYC on February 20, 1924…HAPPY BIRTHDAY GLORIA !!!

Coop's mom lookin' GREAT at 86 !!!

Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt is a member of the prominent United States Vanderbilt family. She is an accomplished artist, actress, and socialite most noted as a spokeswoman for designer blue jeans.

“Little Gloria” Vanderbilt (born 1924) was the center of the most sensational custody battle in U.S.history. The girl who stuttered and could hardly put her feelings into words grew into a woman who discovered herself through acting, writing, drawing, painting, and designing. Her efforts led to the creation of a world-famous line of goods, all bearing her highly recognizable name.

Remember these designer jammies:

The asses that worked the 80's fashion scene-

Gloria and her Swans-

Debbie Harry of Blondie even did a commercial for these swan-embroidered must-haves:

Somewhere Kathy Griffin is BBM-ing Coop with a birthday message for his mom that starts like this:
Fuck…no way…UR mom is 86? Shut the fuck up…she looks great. I better get Maggie on that plan!

Elsewhere in Atlanta- Nene Leaks message is more like this:
Ut-ugh…shut the hells up. Your mama looks fierce. Coopie you know, I’m someone’s momma too. Come get some of this Brown Sugar.

Tribute to the lovely that is GLORIA-
Laura Branigan on RuPaul singing her classic which always made me think of the SWAN


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