Get-Up-Stand-Up Paddle Boot Camp !?!

We love SPORTS here at SampleSaleShop.

But, what we love more is when a NEW SPORT emerges and shows its’-crazy-self  in the form of a BOOT CAMP !!!


I can hear the Beach Boys "Wipe Out" in the heads of many paddlers !!!

Little facts about this water sport:

1. It is often referred to as SUP…not like “Sup homie, you got any more of that kush?”  SUP is the acronym for Stand Up Paddling-

2. is serious about letting you know that they have been on this from the beginning- They have all the proper tools to get paddling…lessons too !

Wave Hunting...One Stroke at a Time-

You think Dyrdek's MEATY would do this?

A Paddlers perspective-

That's what's SUP !!!

Now if you’re a beginner, it’s definitely not recommended to try one of these BIG BOARDS where there are BIG WAVES. Try a place like a lake or a harbor where the water is nice and calm…so you don’t bust your ass.

Getting the full body workout-

The SUP Boot Camps are desinged to teach, but also to get you into shape…a new way to workout.

Check out this video SUP Workout:

For those wanting to get the full experience and knowledge…Hit up a SUP Boot Camp.

There are competitions in SUP all over coastal cities…Google to see if there are any in your area.

2008 Battle of the Paddle


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