FASHION Do & Don’t…You Decide !!!

Okay…we all know that there is no real scientific force that makes the world go ’round…It’s just the people in it !!!
Like an Olympic skater twirling into a tornado of sparkle and spandex…we can only watch in awe.

FASHION is much like that glittery tornado…Check it for yourself !!!

Luda repping aNYthing in Miami with T.O. & friends-

Uncle Plum Smuggler at the airport...NOT repping aNYthing !!!

Somewhere, Scott Hamilton is twirling Kristi Yamaguchi into a death spiral !!!


One response to “FASHION Do & Don’t…You Decide !!!

  1. Classic.
    I have seen some shit at the airport. But, never in my travels have I seen this guy !

    Wonder what the hell kinds a noises the TSA agent’s wand made when it scanned this guy !

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